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Powerful professional SPA compliant with hygiene rules

Adapted to your body shape, this SPA has 2 lying places and 3 sitting places.

In accordance with current regulations, the water is constantly disinfected with chlorine and filtered for perfect hygiene.

The basin is regularly emptied during the complete cleaning and disinfection protocol.

Featuring maximum thermal insulation, this hot tub is equipped with energy-efficient pumps, the heat released from which is reused to heat the water.

A temperature of 37° will welcome you all year round for complete relaxation in the heart of the garden, in a space designed to preserve your privacy.

Unlimited access to the spa is included in the price of the night in the B&B.

If you are not accommodated, paid access by appointment.

The price includes the loan of bathrobe, towel and flip-flops, a drink and access to the private spa for 1 hour.

1 person: €25, 2 people: €35, 3 people: €45

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