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Your questions

What is the purpose of the interview before a first massage?
When you come for the first time to have a massage, I need to welcome you and get to know you. During the interview you will tell me your expectations, the areas which should be avoided (pain, sensitivity), and I will explain to you the progress of the session to establish a relationship of trust which will allow you to completely let go, in a spirit of mutual respect. During the massage, it is possible to speak but you will feel your body better thanks to the silence. After the massage, the exchange resumes before concluding.

Is nudity required?
The person's nudity is desirable during the massage so that nothing hinders the fluidity of the masseur's movements and the oil does not stain your underwear. But nudity is not obligatory. The use of a bathrobe and terry towels guarantees everyone's privacy.

Could I take a shower?
A shower area is at your disposal for your comfort and perfect hygiene. Before the massage and the spa, the shower is obligatory: changing room, bathrobe, towel, products and hairdryer are at your disposal.

You can also wash after the wellness treatments or prefer to receive the ritual shower given by the masseur. Some prefer to keep the hydrolipidic film on their skin and leave without showering.

What is sexual accompaniment and sexual assistance?
These are activities consisting of supporting the sensual, erotic or sexual pleasure of people with disabilities who are in demand. In France, this activity is considered prostitution. Many countries have legalized this activity (Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland). The debate is notably led by APPAS (Association for the Promotion of Sexual Support).

To find out more, read this article from Le Figaro and the book by Pascale Causier.

How does a tantric massage take place?
Tantric massages are carried out in a gentle setting conducive to relaxation, relaxation, as well as an inner journey.

They are generally performed on a futon or on a massage table. I recommend the futon which is very comfortable. The lights and music are soft, incense and candles are burned to mark the spiritual, although very physical, character of this massage.

The characteristic of a tantric massage is to be slow and gentle. Even though there may be more intense touches at certain times, its general characteristic is to touch both the physical body and the “energetic” body.

Very different from traditional massage, it is performed on a naked body and it takes into account the entire body, including the genitals which are massaged with the same gentleness as the rest of the body.

This massage is sensual, even tender and overwhelming. It heals the body and the heart. Touch seeks to stimulate the body's sensitivity so that the massage recipient can feel the quivering of their own body, to feel alive and honored, which helps restore self-esteem.

It is a powerful psycho-corporeal experience which consists of taking the massage therapist on a journey to the heart of their sensations, their emotions, their memories. The naturist massage of the whole body is carried out with hot oil. No area is taboo. The penis is massaged, the erection can occur and the whole experience is experienced as an expression of freedom.

This journey with yourself is what we call letting go. Connected to his sensations and emotions, time is suspended. We feel alive, powerful, aligned, respected.

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