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Therapeutic and well-being massages

Californian Massage €60 - 1 hour
It is a psycho-corporeal relaxation massage developed in California in the 1970s. This technique favors long, slow and fluid movements, gentle, enveloping and relaxing strokes which intensify to relieve deep tensions.


Swedish Massage​ 60€ - 1h
Developed in Sweden 200 years ago, Swedish massage aims to deeply relax the muscles using gentle and firm gestures. This technique relieves muscle tension and promotes joint flexibility.


Therapeutic massage* à la carte ​€60 - 1 hour
After a personalized assessment, your masseur-physiotherapist will implement specific techniques adapted to your state of health and your request.


Tantric-inspired massages**

What is Tantrism?
Tantra is an ancient practice originating from India. The term Tantra means in Sanskrit “expansion of consciousness”, both on a cultural and religious level (Hinduism, Taoism, Buddhism).

Tantric practices appeared in the West in the 19th century and developed in the 20th century, in the 1970s.

Our practice uses many techniques from Tantra apart from its religious aspects. At gentle and varied rhythms, the entire body is massaged with hot oil.

It is a sensitive and intense psycho-corporeal experience which activates the physical body and the energetic body (liberation of the 7 chakras). You will take a magnificent journey to meet an essential person: YOURSELF.

Tantric massage on table €70 - 1 hour

Comfort guaranteed on a professional massage table with variable height and fully adjustable to your body shape.

First on your stomach then on your back, this sensual massage mobilizes your energy and promotes the release of blockages and stress. Rocking times and positive reinforcement messages intensify the experience to restore self-esteem, let go, feel free and regain confidence and self-esteem.

Kashmiri massage on futon €80 - 1h15
Installed on a large futon, this tantric massage takes place in 5 successive positions during which the masseur is in close contact with the person being massaged. The masseur will guide you to a comfortable installation with each change of position.

As on the table, the massage rhythm will be variable and captivating. The delicacy and repetition of the movements will promote exceptional relaxation and an immense feeling of freedom.

Preliminary interview and definition of the framework
Any tantric-inspired massage is preceded by a 20-minute interview with the aim of establishing a personalized assessment and explaining the protocol which is adapted to each person, with respect and kindness. The person being massaged specifies their limits to the masseur, which they undertake to respect.

In a quality professional environment, your comfort and safety are guaranteed by the skills of a masseur bound by professional secrecy and respectful of current hygiene rules.

* Holder of a State Diploma in Masseur-Physiotherapist, your masseur is authorized to practice therapeutic massages (not approved, no reimbursement by social organizations is possible).

** These massages take into account the entire body but do not take on the characteristics of a sexual service.

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