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I am Eric,
your Host - Masseur - Hydrotherapist

With extensive experience as a masseur-physiotherapist and hospital health manager, I have also practiced hydrotherapy and thalassotherapy.
These numerous professional experiences have enriched me through contact with the teams with which I have worked. In fields such as oncology, neurology, pediatrics, cardiology, pulmonology, diabetology and palliative care, I have had the chance to meet sick people and their entourage. Each situation generated reflection and made me evolve.

Empathy, kindness, support, coaching, positive reinforcement, active listening, conflict management are tools that I have regularly used as a manager-coach.

These experiences, these encounters, these joys, these sorrows, have enriched me in terms of knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills both on a professional level and on a human and personal level.

From now on, my experience of therapeutic massage and my passion for well-being massage combine with my listening skills to help you let go by re-harmonizing your body with your mind.

Attentive to the quality of welcome and your comfort, I am also your available and smiling host.
Whether for a wellness treatment or a stay, you will have my full attention so that you feel both the comfortable and Zen atmosphere of the house, but also the simplicity and authenticity of the exchanges.

Trained in quality and risk management, you will operate in a secure environment with perfect hygiene, while respecting measures to combat COVID-19.

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