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The ritual shower

What is a ritual shower?
The ritual shower is an optional complementary psycho-corporal experience of the tantric-inspired massage.

This act resonates with powerful symbolism: purification by water, nudity and intimacy, abandonment to the other in whom I trust, regressive fragility. Because in the West, we are only showered if we are children, disabled or old. As an adult, receiving such care is a powerful emotion.


As an extension of the tantric massage, you will discover the shower area provided for this purpose: warmth, soft lighting and Zen musical background. While seated, you will receive a hot, soapy shower with or without scrub. After a delicate rinse and drying, you will prolong the experience comfortably on the infrared relaxation chair* where you will savor the benefits of these exclusive treatments.

Ritual shower and scrub €45 - 30 min
Massage in the shower with a quality natural exfoliating soap, rinsing and drying then rest on the infrared sauna chair. Hot or refreshing drink for perfect hydration.

Infra-red sauna chair
This ergonomic solid wood armchair allows you to comfortably enjoy the benefits and pleasures of the sauna, without feeling confined. Its infrared technology provides relaxation and relaxation and brings you peace of mind, relaxation and relaxation of the body.

The multi-position chair has carbon fiber infrared panels. These emitters cover the entire seat area – from the neck to the legs – to provide even heat throughout the body. A remote control allows you to set the desired temperature.

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