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Long-term massages,
a timeless sensory experience

Who has ever been massaged for 2 hours or more?
Imagine a timeless massage, during which you will experience a unique psycho-corporeal state, a long journey with your body and your mind.

During this space-time disconnection, you will not sleep. You will be in a state close to hypnosis, in full awareness of your body which you will feel like never before.

The massage is not repetitive. The experience of your masseur allows him to vary the manual maneuvers for several hours, adapting them to your feelings, without getting tired.


Solo long-term tantric futon massages
(1 person - 1 masseur):
Duration 2 hours: 120€

Duration 3 hours: 220€

Long-term duo massages
(2 people - 1 masseur):
Duration 2 hours: 180€

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