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A space for rejuvenation through massage and hydrotherapy

Galants de nuit is a space for rejuvenation and well-being where the benefits of massages are combined with those of water and heat.
We feel like we are staying with friends. It doesn't look like a beauty salon or a medical office.

The smiling and caring welcome, the Zen and slightly artistic atmosphere, give off a feeling of freedom and serenity.

We come there for an hour, an afternoon or a few days.

Alone or with others, you can benefit from the professional quality hydrotherapy massages of the SPA in the middle of the Zen garden.

A guest house with 4 bedrooms that can accommodate up to 12 people

Comfortable rooms with exceptional bedding that can accommodate 1 to 4 people, access to the SPA included.
Each room has a private shower and toilet nearby, a private terrace and a lounge area. Hearty breakfast included.

The house is bathed in the Zen atmosphere of the garden (Land Art) and the calm of a dead end, a 5-minute walk from the medieval streets of the city and the Tour de Crest, the highest keep in France.

Ethics and values

Respect, Honesty and Responsibility are the values that drive us.
Respect for the body and the person as a whole and their beliefs.

The honest use of traditional techniques as a complement to conventional therapies.

The responsibility, professional secrecy and experience of a State-certified Masseur-Physiotherapist, registered with the Order.

To meet an essential person in your life, YOU.
Our philosophy is to create the conditions for your physical rejuvenation (freeing the body of tensions, reviving vital energy) and psychological (reconciling with your body, improving self-esteem).

In a safe environment, you will benefit from multiple skills to approach the freedom of psycho-corporeal letting go.

A plant metaphor

Together, like gardeners, we will take care of the body and mind in order to release all your vital potential.
Also called Cestrum Nocturnum, Night Gallant or Night Jasmine is a plant native to the West Indies whose small pale green flowers are insignificant. They only open on summer evenings to diffuse their intense scent which resembles that of jasmine and linden. The warmer the nights, the more powerful and intoxicating the scent. These small, discreet flowers require quality care to release their vital and surprising potential.

The Night Gallants motto:
“Freed from the environment that suffocates me, I flourish,
I shine by spreading the power of my newfound esteem.”

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